Eagles News · The Rivalry–Frankenmuth vs. Millington

The Rivalry Book is for sale for $20.00 and locally can be picked up at the Frankenmuth News office and Grasel Graphics.  You can also order by mail for $23.00 by emailing arodammer.vbc@gmail.com and mailing and payment arrangements will be made.  This book is a must for any former Eagle player who participated in the Rivalry.  We need to get the word out to these players who no longer live in the local area.  Family, friends, fans, and former teammates, please get the word out by facebook, text, email or any other means of communication to inform these players of this book of one of the greatest high school football rivalries between two very successful football programs that captivated their communities for a number of years.  ALL PROCEEDS FOR THE BOOK GO TO THE FRANKENMUTH FOOTBALL PROGRAM.  Help get the word out!!!!!!!!!!!!