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Frankenmuth Boys Varsity Soccer

Week of 09/04/17


Wednesday, 06-Sep-17: Frankenmuth at Caro 3-1


Our league opener against Caro would be played under the lights. Caro has always played us tough at their home field. This night the Muth team was playing its first match since coming off a pretty good thrashing at hands of Dow, and were determine to get back on the track. Controlling the ball was essential and that was accomplished in spades. With shots on frame and corners clearly dominated by Muth; 18 to 4, and 6 to 4 respectively, a major step was taken by the team to right the ship.


Using the depth of this team, we were able to keep fresh legs on the pitch and really press the Caro team. The offensive effort kept pressure off of the defense and goalie. Indeed, Carson only had 3 saves against 4 shots, and our outside backs; Andrew Loesel and Greg Weess, were often seen making attacking runs to unbalance the Caro defense. The Center back combo of Ronnie Jinks and Sam Kiel gobbled up any long passes up the middle. Collin Reinert was able to bring home two scores. The first double for any player on the Muth Team this year. Joel Zimmerman, on a heads up play, collected a bobbled save by the Caro goalie and tap the ball into the back of net. Joel later remarked that he noticed the goalie had dropped a couple of saves earlier in the match so when the shot came in, he continued his run, and he was rewarded for the effort.


This was perhaps our last match against the Caro team under their lights as they are leaving the TVC at the end of this season. They are one of only two teams to win a conference match against Frankenmuth in the past 8 seasons. They get another chance on Monday, 25-Sep-17, when they travel to Frankenmuth.


Thursday, 07-Sep-17; Frankenmuth at home vs. Swan Valley –  2-2


This was the first time these two TVC schools have played a match against each other as we are in different divisions; TVC-E and TVC-W. Swan Valley has been very successful in their TVC Division. This match was something I was hoping would be a staple of the TVC; Cross-over matches. The loss of Lakeville from the conference provided an opportunity to add two matches to our schedule; Swan Valley being one of the adds.


The game started out very promising for Muth. At around 39 seconds into the match, Muth penetrated the Swan Valley defense to have a go at the far post from within 6 yards. Unfortunately, the bouncing ball was lifted over the bar. Still it sent a message.


The teams pushed back and forth until the 34th minute of the 1st half when Trevor Hoffmann collected a pass and raced down the right side of the pitch and fired a shot that beat the goalie. It had pace and great direction from a severe angle. Before we had a chance to let that great shot sink in, Adam Benko received an inbound pass from our attacking outside back, Greg Weess, and flicked on a header that was simply amazing. This was less than two minutes after Hoffmann had scored and only 5 minutes remained in the first half. Swan Valley really pressed those last 5 minutes, but were unable to score, leaving Muth ahead 2-0 at the half.


Six minutes in the 2nd half an unmarked Swan Valley player, Grant Neilson, in front of the goal received a pass and fired a shot that beat our goalie. Then just under 3 minutes later, Grant Neilson bulled his way into the penalty area and in an effort to stop him, he was tripped by a Muth player. This lead to a PK which Grant took, and after scoring tied the game at 2-2.


The remainder of the game saw both teams making concerted efforts to score the deciding goal, but it was not to be. The game ended in a tie. Perhaps a fitting score given the respective success of both programs in their respective divisions. No bragging rights, but I think, respect earned by both teams.