Multiple Teams · Frankenmuth High School Girls Varsity Volleyball beat Swan Valley, Heritage, St. Louis 2-1

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5:00 PM

Swan Valley, Heritage, St. Louis
Frankenmuth High School

Game Recap

Frankenmuth Varsity Volleyball hosted their first home matches at the annual quad between Frankenmuth, Swan Valley, Saginaw Heritage and St. Louis on 8/31. The Eagles went 2-1 for the day defeating the Heritage Hawks and St. Louis Sharks while falling to the Swan Valley Vikings.

First up for the Eagles were the Heritage Hawks who put on an impressive show. The Eagles fought for the 2-set victory over the Hawks 29-27 and 26-24. Jackie Weess led the team with 7 kills, followed by Brayene Benner with 6 and Alexa Merkiel with 5 kills. Lindsey Mertz put up 24 assists and Hannah Karwat found 12 digs followed closely by Jackie Weess with 9 digs and Lindsey Mertz with 6. Hannah Karwat, Jackie Weess and Rebekah Gere each found themselves a serving ace during the match. Keri Frahm put up 4 blocks followed by Jackie Weess with 3, and Mikayla Philp and Brayene Benner each with 2 blocks and Madison Wiskur finding 1.

The second match of the night was bound to be a strong match up between the Eagles and the Swan Valley Vikings who had scrimmaged over the summer. Each team with a returning All-State player (L. Huebner for Swan Valley and Mertz for Frankenmuth), both teams have strong teams. Frankenmuth fell to Swan Valley 21-25 and 22-25 after several key momentum shifts against the Eagles. Jackie Weess put up 5 kills, and Brayene Benner found 2 during the match. Abby Struble, Keri Frahm and Rebekah Gere each received a serving ace while Hannah Karwat had 12 digs, followed by Jackie Weess with 7. Brayene Benner led the front row defense with 5 blocks, Keri Frahm helped with 3, while Rebekah Gere, Madison Wiskur, and Jackie Weess put up 1 block each. Lindsey Mertz had 10 assists during the match.

The St. Louis Sharks were the last match up of the evening for the Eagles who were able to come out with fresh jerseys and a fresh mindset after a uniform change. The Eagles defeated the Sharks 25-15 and 25-13. Jackie Weess led the Eagles with 5 kills, followed by Rebekah Gere, Madison Wiskur, and Brayene Benner each with 3 kills. Hannah Karwat found 2 kills from the libero position, Keri Frahm put down 2 kills, and Alexa Merkiel along with Lindsey Mertz both put down 1 kill each for the Eagles. Lindsey Mertz had 20 assists during the match and 5 digs along with Hannah Karwat’s 5 digs. Abby Struble and Jackie Weess each dug up 4 balls. Lindsey Mertz led the Eagle’s serving efforts with 4 aces followed closely by Jackie Weess’s 3 aces. Lindsey Mertz and Keri Frahm each had 2 blocks and Brayene Benner, Jackie Weess, and Mikayla Philp put down 1 block each.

Stats for the 8/31 Quad

Abby Struble: 1 ace, 4 digs
Alexa Merkiel: 7 kills, 2 digs
Brayene Benner: 11 kills, 8 blocks
Hannah Karwat: 1 ace, 2 kills, 29 digs
Jackie Weess: 4 aces, 17 kills, 20 digs, 5 blocks
Keri Frahm: 1 ace, 6 kills, 6 digs, 9 blocks
Lindsey Mertz: 4 aces, 2 kills, 54 assists, 14 digs, 2 blocks
Madison Wiskur: 4 kills, 7 digs, 2 blocks
Mikayla Philp: 1 dig, 3 blocks
Raquel Roy: 8 digs
Rebekah Gere: 2 aces, 5 kills, 2 digs, 1 blocks

Box Scores

Swan Valley, Heritage, St. Louis